Our Service

PT AMT Product & Services, are as follows:

  • Video Conference Equipments and system. Supply , Install, Maintenance system and integration to other application More ..
  • Satellite Communication System, using SCPC and broadband VSAT system for Telephony, data and internet Services ; Satellite Comms for Marine satellite system and equipments; Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Communication System Seamless data link, Including Satellite Phone, Marine VSAT dome antenna, GPS (Global Positioning system - Include navigation and Tracking), BGAN Service and supply More ..
  • Radio Link and Network Communications, and now can be integrated to the new Technology system (IP etc). Scope of work such as below; Wireless Radio link, Repeater, Base station, Mobile radio, and Trunking radio, Radio dispatch, Including build and Tower Erection, Mobile telecommunication Network, Tower Building and Erection Work for radio system, System Maintenance for two way radio system, radio Trunking system, microwave radio system, GPS system using GSM - GPRS service, can monitor your company assets and effectiveness in operation, Tunnel radio System for Mining. More ..
  • Office Networking and Wireless System and System Integration to PBX (Analog/digital/ IP) Cabling system and installation Analog digital / IP PABX Telephony system (Supply, Install, maintenance) Wireless Network System. More ..
  • Security Network System; (All service follows below can be integrated in one application system) CCTV Camera, Network DVR (Digital Video Recording), Security Alarm System Access Control System, PIT Camera surveillance, More ..
  • Software Development; tailoring / base on customer requirements Technical and engineering software development. Geologist data, Civil data, construction data. Accounting Software development , Logistic software development Warehousing and logistic software development Hospital Information System More ..